Friday, April 02, 2010

Ted Hose, what are they?

Ted Hose, What are they?
Compression socks, are also called Ted Hose. If your family member has ever had swollen feet, ankles or legs due to edema (when water swells), Ted Hose are the answer.
Ted Hose come in different compression settings and can come in High, Med or Low compression. High compression means the sock or tights will come very, very tight and are a bit more difficult to put on, than a low compression. A physician may also prescribe the compression setting depending on the swelling as well as other factors.
Putting on compression socks:

1. Do not tear the skin of the Elderly person you are putting the Ted Hose on.

2. If they are able to, have the person lay down on their back and put their feet on the bed. It’s easier to put the Ted Hose on before dressing.

3. When putting on the Ted Hose, make sure the skin is dry to avoid moisture against the skin.

4. Completely stick your thumbs into the sock and spread the sock as much as you can. As you get ready to place the Ted Hose on the foot, make sure you concentrate on getting the toes into the Ted Hose first and make sure you are pulling the sock up while you make sure the skin isn’t folded when pulling up the sock.

The sock is never loose but is very, very tight. Sometimes it helps to roll the sock over the foot and then roll the stocking up the leg as it hugs the foot or leg.

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