Monday, December 31, 2012

What Do We Need

2012 came to an end,
with so many people whose lives stopped dead-end.

alive or dead, because for one it doesn't even matter. if you need help im talking about the latter.
see you alive, this gift we got, this year three people died, i seen at their spot.

for 2013 im going to call you out. we gonna figure this route.  Roadmarkers laid already pave the way, minorities before me all say "Hooray!  Our fight still today"
When I see you succeed it calms my Native blood.  Happy 2013.

Friday, December 14, 2012

How Do You Make Money as a Caregiver?

As a 5star, retired caregiver(momentarily), the persuasion of the industry has never been to make a million dollars.  So why are we frustrated when caregiving capabilities reach their momentary maximum capacity?

Again, I have taken care of Generals, retired-athletes, mob mafiosos, sons of military nobility and more.  We see glimpses of their life on the deep end of a diving board.  Any further and we are no longer needed, so we hold as long as possible, for them it must always be for them.

They ask you questions like,"Do you think Dad's gonna die today?"  To which the reply is always the same.  You excel at remaining calm during moments of uncertainty.

So if you want to make money as a caregiver, don't be one.  But since I care about you as a caregiver let me give you ten steps to making guap.

1.  Excel at something like wound-care, nail-care, hair cutting for alzheimer's, giving showers, laundering soiled clothing, fixing hospital beds, repairing walkers, wheelchairs.
2.  Learn something about the vision industry, because if you're reading this, it's obvious you're good, but learn about magnification, bugs eyes, talking watches, setting up software for vision impaired seniors, phones with big buttons, remotes with big buttons, keyboards, need I say more.  If you speak a foreign language, use it to get paid.
3.  If you take care of an old person, make sure their underwear/depends are never soiled.  Use a schedule with their permission or make sure you check as much as possible and document the times you checked for your clients. 
4.  Get a Master's degree, work as a caregiver for someone else and hire someone to care for your loved one.  Study while you work at night.  Research shows we care better for strangers, and please don't make me get the research which I posted a while back.
5.   Don't have kids until your ready!
6.  Have your parents create a living will, or hire someone to do it.  With all my resources, If you need me to do it, we got you.  Just stay tuned.  Don't drop me an email.  Wait for me, don't create your living will until we walk through it together.  If you need it now, I can't help you,
7.  Master social media so when you become a manager, you won't look like an ancient rock to your employees.  If you think you're too old to change, you're not alone!  Make friends and have fun with the billions of dollars and thousands of jobs created by the digital social media industry, which is in its infancy stages in my opinion.
8.  Move to where you have to move.  Life is short, our baby-boomer generation lived half of their lives away from their families.  Our pioneers left the East, in search of expansion and conquest.  Be where you are appreciated, not tolerated.
9.  Sometimes your enemies are not people, but against principalities.  Sometimes those people just gave up, avoid them.
10. Be a workaholic, work three jobs, move as often as you have to, but only for as many seasons your plan calls for.  Sometimes, you put all your eggs in one basket, and then your protect that basket until that basket is no longer needed.

If you're taking care of your loved family member, stay tuned, I have a whole crew of PhD students, masters of Gerontology and the Cities of Boston and Baltimore behind me, may my curtains always remain open in business. 

Why do I care?  I still am learning why.

I'm tired 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When I ask you to bring me a pink elephant,  I want you to say, "How many and where do you want them."  Red.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Spring 2013

so what are the new hot colors for spring retirement websites?  green pastel and ivory white, mobi you 1 month head start. keep up the great work and progress, I visit each and every link!  we may be starting an online healthcare ___________ so stay tuned leaders. coming Feb. 2013