Friday, April 09, 2010

how to pass the activities of daily living pt 1

The absence of a clear measurement tool between general health and type of long-term care required, specialist have focused their efforts on developing such tools. The most approached method is measuring the Activities of Daily Living or ADL’s.
The Katz ADL method is the one nursing homes and assisted living facilities use to determine how much assistance is needed for your senior-loved one. The better the Elderly person does in using this method, the LESS expensive the cost. The assessment instrument and classification method is the best-known and studied.

A Katz evaluation form will look like a checklist that covers 6 catergories.

Bathing-Sponge Bath, Tub Bath or Shower (pick one)

-receives no assistance in getting in and out

-receives assistance in bathing only one part of body (like a back or leg)

-receives assistance in bathing more than one part or not bathed

Dressing, getting clothes from closet and drawers, putting on undergarments, outer garments and using fasteners AND body braces if used (pick one)

-gets clothes and gets completely dressed with no assistance

-gets clothes and gets dressed without assistance except for assistance in tying shoes

-receives assistance in getting clothes or in getting dressed or stays partly or completely undressed

Toileting, going to the bathroom (pick one)

-goes to the bathroom, cleans self and arranges clothes without assistance but may support (cane, walker, wheelchair, can empty commode in morning)

-receives assistance in going to the bathroom, or in cleansing self or arranging


-doesn’t go to the bathroom for the elimination process

Transferring (pick one)

-moves in and out of bed and chair without assistance (may use support like a cane, walker, wheelchair)

-moves in and out of chair, bed with assistance

-doesn’t get out of bed

Continence Level (pick one)

-Controls urination and bowel movement completely by self

-has occasional accident

-supervision helps keep urine or bowel control, or a catheter is used or incontinent

Feeding (pick one)

-Feeds self without assistance

-feeds self except for assistance in cutting meat or buttering bread

-receives assistance in feeding or fed partly or using tubes

Tomorrow, how they score each of the six categories to determine assistance needed.

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