Thursday, February 18, 2010

Senior Day Centers

Senior Day Centers play a vital role to the senior community. A senior day center is more than a place where you go to watch TV. The ideal Day Center is not the solution to your family problems. You are the solution to your family problems.

You are the solution.

A Senior Day Center is a business where profit margins are low and caring hearts are plentiful. The Senior Day Center is not the solution to your problems. Very often the staff may or may not have a high school degree and the management may be a new graduate or it may be someone who has worked there 20 years.

The Senior Day Center will focus on your parent or loved one with the greatest possible resources allowed, but it will never compensate for the guilt of the family who leaves a family member there. No one wants to be at a Day Center, other than the staff, who are paid to be there by a non-profit, for profit or the rare individual who owns their Elderly-Serving Business.

The Day Center in your neighborhood is a resource; golden and fresh. EXPECT them to share your burden and they will. They are healthcare at its purest form, they meet a need with the greatest resources available to them. Have patience with the Senior Day Center, they are the mother Theresa of our particular healthcare industry.

They will share your burden but they are not the solution. You are the solution.

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