Monday, February 22, 2010

Alzheimer’s Unit, Memory Unit and Reminiscence Hall or neighborhood...

Alzheimer’s Unit, Memory Unit and Reminiscence Hall or neighborhood are some of the terms you will see and hear when shopping for a retirement home, assisted living or nursing home. Many residents who have stage-one Alzheimer’s, will still function very well and need minimal if any, verbal cues (reminders).

What type of people will you see in a memory-impaired, reminiscence or Alzheimer’s unit? In a Reminiscence unit, you will see a variety of races, both genders with varying backgrounds. A Reminiscence unit will have people who are not alert to either person, place or time or any combination thereof.

Being alert to person means if you ask someone who they are, they do not struggle to remember their first and last name. Being alert to place means you ask someone where they are, the person can tell you what location they are at or what city they are in currently.

Last, being alert to time means if you ask someone what time it is and they can tell you the date, another way to determine is someone is struggling with time is to ask them who is the current President of the United States?

Being alert to person, place and time is only an indicator used to measure what type of assistance best serves the Elderly person. There are many people with Alzheimer’s who are not alert to person, place or time, but still live flourishing lives.

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